This is a photo of a pyrite cube, possibly from Washington State. The side-lighting in the photo highlights the topographic-like striations on the surface, while the black areas are reflecting the camera lens/possibly the room (the shutter speed is fast enough to eliminate any environmental light).


Magnification: ~3.25X

Field of view: ~5/16” x 7/16“ (7.4mm x 11.1mm)

Images in focus stack: 30


Side 1

Side 2

Approximate Photo Location (Side 1)


Front View

45 Degree View

Inside View

1: Short picture description/ID

2: (Fold)

3: Blank

Back View


Print method: Digital press

Card size: 5″ x 7″

Card type: Folding

Card weight: 110lb

Card surface, exterior: Smooth, glossy finish. The (glossy) coating adds depth and vibrancy to the image, helping it “pop.” A trade-off of this, however, is that the coating can also pick up fingerprints.

Card surface, interior: Smooth, semi-gloss

Envelopes: Off-white with a slight watercolor-type textured surface, 80lb. weight. The envelopes are sealed using a peel-and-press adhesive strip.

Packaging: Each card/envelope is sleeved in a protective crystal clear bag.


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